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Three Things You Didn’t Know About Sugar

Sugar is naturally found in the tissues of many plants. Fruits and honey are common edible sources of simple sugars in nature. Sucrose is the most industrialised form of sugar and it’s extracted from beets and sugarcane. As you can see, sugar is a fairly common resource. Yet, despite being a very common commodity, there are a few facts about sugar that many people do not know.

Let’s take a look at some of those facts and give you some insightful information about sugar:

Sneaky Sources Of Sugar- there are many ingredients and foods that are packed with sugar. Teriyaki sauce, barbecue sauce, spaghetti sauce, ketchup and balsamic vinaigrette have relatively high levels of sugar. The serving sizes of condiments are usually misleading. Serving size of one tablespoonful is unrealistic in many dining situations. Low-fat food products may be high in sugar. Fat is flavourful and if we remove fat from food, our meal will taste like cardboard. Manufacturers compensate this by replacing fat with sugar to keep low-fat foods palatable. Oatmeal contains complex carbohydrates, but some oatmeal brands are mixed with sugar that negates the purported health benefits.

Elevate Risks Of Cardiovascular Diseases And Cancers- high-sugar diets are often associated with obesity and diabetes. However, they contribute to various cardiovascular diseases and cancers as well. High consumption of sugar is linked to atherosclerosis. According to a study, people who get 20% of daily calories from added sugar had a 30% higher risk of having serious heart diseases. Uncontrolled weight gain and obesity are direct risk factors of heart disease. Based on a study on nearly 450,000 people, high consumption of sugar is associated with higher risks of small intestine cancer, pleural cancer and oesophageal cancer. Women who consume more sugar are at higher risk of developing endometrial cancer.

It’s Found In Space- when methanol ice with CO is irradiated with ultraviolet, it yields various organic compounds like methyl formate and glycolaldehyde.  Glycolaldehyde is a type of monosaccharide or simple sugar. It has been found in dust clouds near the core of the Milky Way galaxy, about 26,000 light-years from Earth. Dust clouds are very cold with temperatures around 4 Kelvin, which causes the gas to freeze and turn into dust. However, if the dust cloud drifts towards the star, it will evaporate. The gas containing glycolaldehyde emits radio waves that can be detected from the Earth.

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