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Staying On Track This Veganuary – Snacks The Whole Family Will Love

Vegan diets are often seen as unpractical and difficult to maintain. However, with some adjustments in daily habits, being a vegan is actually quite easy. It is a well-known fact that vegans have lower risks of developing various major diseases. However, plant-based snacks are not always healthy, because they can be high in sugar, sodium or food additives. A bag of chips may have zero content of animal products, but it could contain high levels of sodium and trans-fat. This can make choosing healthy vegan snacks even more difficult.

Here are some healthy vegan snacks that you could try: 

Trail Mix- a healthy trail mix is a combination of dried fruit and roasted nuts. Avoid adding sugar to dried fruits and the only season roasted nuts lightly with sea salt because it has more minerals and slightly less sodium. You can roast nuts, like almond, peanuts and cashews at home.

Energy Bites- Energy Balls from Mother Nature Healthy Delights are a convenient, delicious vegan snack that the whole family will love. Energy bites typically contain ingredients like crushed nuts, ground flax, ginger, oatmeal, honey or brown sugar.

Bananas- bananas can be the simplest healthy vegan snack you can get. Bananas contain melatonin and tryptophan that help you to sleep better at night. Serotonin in bananas induces relaxation and the magnesium can reduce tension on your muscles as well.

Sweet Potatoes- steamed sweet potatoes are tasty and affordable vegan snack. You can experiment with flavours by adding some cinnamon and vegan butter.

Whole Grain Bread- Whole grain bread is another convenient vegan snack that you can eat anytime. Whole grains have dietary fibre that keeps your heart and digestion system healthy. Homemade fruit jams and low-sugar, raw natural honey could add some healthy sweetness.

Seeds, Nuts And Dried Fruits- roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds are great sources of essential minerals in your diet. They also contain tryptophan that can help you sleep better. High amounts of vitamins and minerals in seeds, nuts and dried fruits will help your body to convert tryptophan into serotonin.

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Energy Balls from Mother Nature Healthy Delights are the perfect way to practice intuitive eating. They are packed with vitamins, minerals and the natural goodness of healthy, delicious fruits, nuts and more. To learn more about healthy snacking and for a full selection of healthy, delicious snacks, visit Mother Nature Healthy Delights today!

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