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Snack Healthy This Veganuary

What would be a better way to start a new year than a healthy diet powered with some healthy snacks? Well, this new year you don’t have to worry about where to get your best vegan snacks for that, because we got you covered. We decided to call it a Veganuary and slashed the prices of some of our most popular vegan products. 

But why is it that especially January is the time we think about a healthy lifestyle? Should it not be of our interest all year round? Absolutely right, it definitely should. But somehow January motivates us. It makes us think about the changes we want to achieve in life, and we might also want to get rid of that few extra kilos that the holiday season brought us. Also, it is time we want to cut back on spending and find many good products at lower prices. Many people are looking at changes in their life this time, so you might also encourage your friends to join the healthy lifestyle in this Veganuary. 

Veganuary goals

So, what is this Veganuary all about? It is a global movement for the vegan lifestyle which our products represent too. We want to challenge more people to try out the vegan way in January. Of course, you do not have to stop it after January, but you can also continue to other months of the year. In fact, why could not every month be a Veganuary? Or it does not even have to be anyhow month related, just choose the right time for yourself to do it. 

And going vegan for one month does not have to be boring! No way! It can be a great opportunity to find new exciting recipes, try new flavours, and bring something different to the table for the whole family. Some foods can be so delicious that they remain on your weekly menu forever after trying them. 

There can be many reasons for one to go vegan. Veganuary is more designed to be a sort of trial-out of what veganism is all about. It gives everybody a chance to try out vegan foods and snacks that they would not otherwise try. What comes to the ideological view for doing that, we leave for everyone to decide for themselves. One might have a deeper meaning behind it while the other one just wants to have a bit healthier diet. 

What we want to offer, is a good range of different kinds of vegan snacks to support the month of Veganuary. We also have a good selection of kiddies snacks that kids absolutely love, and they probably do not even know they are eating vegan food. But mainly, as an officially recognized Vegan trademark, we also want to take part in this initiative because we believe in this lifestyle and it gives us a chance to reach to a wider audience. 

Special products to boost your healthy lifestyle and mood

We know how busy especially January can get as you are returning to work or just trying to get back to the normal routines of life after the holidays. Life can get pretty hectic and busy. That is why we put our dried fruits selection readily available for you in our Veganuary offers. 

There are so many delicious and healthy options for you to choose from. These are perfectly sized vegan snacks that you can take with you anywhere you go. They give a good energy booster when you need it, they taste yummy and they are packed with good nutrients. And the best part is, that this Veganuary you can get them really cheap. Our prices have been slashed by up to 50% from their original price. 

This is the perfect time to top up your snacks and get everything you need for the busy January. Our dried fruits selection is full of wonderful choices for the whole family and for all tastes. Vegan snacks cannot get any simpler than this. We have handy packages to carry with you to work, colorful treats for kids to bring to school or you can just enjoy them at the comfort of your own home. 

Vegan snacks are so much better than the sugary snacks you would take otherwise. The energy comes from the fruits and is packed with vitamins. These will make you feel good and energized for a longer period than the ordinary sugary things. Also, dried fruits have several other benefits for your wellbeing such as better digestive health, improved blood flow and they reduce the risk of many other diseases. 

Do not forget to check out our famous Energy Balls with many different flavours. You can now get them for less than 5$ a packet during the Veganuary promotion. They are the perfect little snack when you need a quick bite and some extra energy. They taste absolutely delicious and serve as a wonderful treat too. 

We know how the kids love the Kidy’s Pads, so now you can get them very cheap too. They are great for school snacks, something to bite after playing outside, or even just enjoy at home. The 3 flavors fig, date, and apricot are carefully selected to meet the demanding taste buds of the little ones. 

We also slashed the prices of many of our value packets, so that you can get more and even cheaper. Bring it along to work and make your workmates know about Veganuary too. Or share it with your gym buddies or other friends. There is plenty in each package so that everyone can have a taste of the 100% natural products we offer. 

Enjoy the lovely month and let us bring you the best snacks to snack on while trying out other delicious vegan snacks and foods. We hope you enjoy it and that our snacks offer you just the right amount of good energy, good mood, and yummy times. 

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