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Why Sun-Dried Fruits Are Good For You

Sun-dried fruits are dehydrated fresh fruits that use the power of the sun during the drying process. Their minimum amount of moisture significantly reduces the weight and volume of the fruits, while still retaining their natural goodness. Fruits like pineapple, mangoes and apples are dried in slices, while smaller fruits like grapes, dates and berries are dried whole. Dried fruits are convenient because they can be stored easily and they are available throughout the year.

Not every dried fruit snack has been sun-dried. Some manufacturers use artificial methods to dry their fruits and this can result in a lower quality product. Mother Nature Healthy Delights uses only the highest quality sun-dried fruits in every fruit snack we offer to ensure that they offer the best taste and highest nutritional value possible.

Keeping that in mind, we are going to take a look at some reasons why you should consume sun-dried fruits regularly:

More Nutrients- just like fresh fruits, sun-dried fruits are still loaded with essential nutrients. Unlike oven-dried fruits, you get more nutrients from sun-dried fruits, because the sun-drying process doesn’t require excessively high temperatures.

Reduce Risks Of Cancer- the antioxidants in sun-dried fruits are still intact and they will help prevent cancer. Phytonutrients in sun-dried apples and apricots are known to prevent the growth of potentially cancerous cells.

Fight Constipation- sun-dried fruits are rich in dietary fibre and they ensure a healthy digestive system. Fibre bulldozes fats and waste from your system. Sun-dried persimmon, guava and mango are particularly high in dietary fibre. They will make your bowel movement smoother and constipation will no longer be a problem.

Prevent Anaemia- some sun-dried fruits like prunes and raisins are rich in iron. Higher intake of iron is needed if you are anaemic. Other nutrients like copper, phosphorus and vitamin B can help to boost the production of blood.

Fight Anxiety And Depression- eating snacks can make you feel better, but dry fruits have substances that can fight psychological issues directly. Sun-dried red dragon fruit, cantaloupe, blackberries and cherries contain high levels of beta carotene that can suppress depression.

Visit Mother Nature Healthy Delights

Sun-dried fruits from Mother Nature Healthy Delights are the perfect way to practice intuitive eating. They are packed with vitamins, minerals and the natural goodness of healthy, delicious fruits, nuts and more. To learn more about healthy snacking and for a full selection of healthy, delicious snacks, visit Mother Nature Healthy Delights today!

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