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Does food affect your Mood?

Mental Health and Food

According to nutritionists, the relationship between the food you eat and your mood is really significant. In fact, the popular saying ‘you are what you eat’, is actually backed by nutritional science. It is a fact that certain foods can help you stabilise both your physical and mental health, prevent mood swings and give you a better sense of wellbeing. . 

Look after your mental health

Making subtle changes to your diet may well chase the blues away. Small steps to start with can make a difference in your lifestyle, which can often affect your mood. Now, could be a good time to gradually change your eating habits. 

Where to start? 

Start with your breakfast. Even if you have a busy work schedule, make the time. A light breakfast can give you the necessary boost of energy and help you avoid excessive amounts of caffeine. Support your neuro system by making healthy choices and stay away from foods and drinks that can cause agitation and anxiety. 

Make your lunch smaller. Avoid huge meals at lunchtime and keep some healthy snacks on your desk. Eat regularly throughout the day and if the workflow is overwhelming, support yourself with dried fruits, nuts and snacks that give you wholesome nutrients.  By eating regularly, you can avoid a drop in your blood sugar, which can potentially lower your mood and make you feel irritable. 

Love your Gut

They say that your gut is your second brain and has a tremendous impact on your overall wellbeing. Protect your gut by keeping your digestive system healthy and including plenty of fibre in your diet. Clean eating helps your digestion and simple foods are a great choice to support your gut. If your diet is lacking in essential macronutrients, this can greatly affect your mood. Your brain contains many chemicals and if these become imbalanced, your mental health can be affected.

Why is a well-balanced diet essential for your mental health?

Food that contains important macro and micronutrients will support you both physically and mentally. A balanced diet with various nutrients will make you happier. Good food nurtures a good mood. 

Healthy snacks for a happy mood

Healthy snacks from Mother Nature Healthy Delights contain a wide range of healthy ingredients without any added sugar. They are packed with vitamins, minerals and the natural goodness of healthy, delicious fruits, nuts and more. Our Energy balls are a satisfying combination of protein, good carbs, healthy fats, and fiber. Our Power Pads are designed for the modern lifestyle, and thus provide a range of nutrients and include all-natural ingredients. Our Wellness trios are nutritionally rich and pack a punch when it comes to flavor.

To learn more about healthy snacking and for a full selection of healthy, delicious snacks, visit Mother Nature Healthy Delights 

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