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Delicious and nutritious packed school lunch

Why is it so important

Children spend about 20% of their life in school. They are in constant physical and mental growth and development during this time, from kindergarten to graduating from middle school and even through high school. Kids keep growing and growing. To grow, they need food, but not just any food, they need healthy and nutritious food so they’ll get strong, and become tall men and women when they hit adulthood. All those nutrients, vitamins, minerals and endless calories that they will need to become unconquerable giants of life. A fit mind in a fit body.

Suppose children at a young age are malnourished or not well-fed, then that could cause dangerous health problems later in life. It could affect their growth, that will lead to serious health problems or develop unhealthy eating habits. This is something every parent wants to avoid, loving their children unconditionally. It is sometimes hard to always choose them the healthiest snacks that will give them exactly what they need. It also requires so much time to think of everything that the kid should eat, when there is so much food that seems healthy, but it isn’t. We parents want it to be tasty but healthy, and sometimes it just feels like an impossible combination.

What is usually offered?

Many parents try their hardest to offer healthy lunches at the beginning of the school year. They try to include in the lunchbox as many fruits and veggies and healthy alternatives as possible, hoping that their kid will like it. Often children dislike the taste nutritious foods their parents gave them and instead opt for some fries and burgers and other fast food that the cafeteria at school offers. Later during the school year, some parents might be too busy with work, too tired to prepare meals the day before, and we know that cooking healthy meals from scratch requires that precious time that we often do not have. Parents choose quick things, easy-eating, stain-free meals with minimum preparation time.

Kids need healthy alternatives

Often school cafeterias do not offer fruits and vegetable and concentrate only on fast-food options, that fill you up but doesn’t give your body anything else but sugar, fat, salt and carbohydrates.

Studies have proven that eating healthy boosts studying, memory capacity and ability to concentrate.

Luckily there are many alternatives to give your child without having to use all your evening in preparing meals and snacks. We in “Mother Nature” provide those healthy alternatives made with love and innovating in the name of the healthy snacks for your child. As the name states, healthy snacks directly from nature without any added sugars or bad things you don’t want your child to eat.

All the ingredients that we provide are always 100% natural and magically delicious. There are no preservatives in our snacks, and there are no artificial ingredients or no-kind of chemicals in them either. Sometimes snacks from other companies that claim to be healthy might include small traces of sulphur dioxide or extra additives. Snacks from Mother Nature are always purely taken from nature, are GMO-free, and do not contain any other add-ons. Another great thing about our snacks is that they are entirely vegan. This would be great for parents who want to set their children up for a lifetime of healthy veganism. Mother Nature snacks are Vegan Certified, and we are proud of their label. We believe that you do not need to add chemicals or other preservatives to maintain a healthy snack, and that is 100% true. The snacks provided by Mother Nature are nutritious, better for the body, and stay preserved and fresh for a very long time without any preservatives. 

With our products such as nutrient-dense range of meals and snacks, they will fuel your body so you or your child will be energetic and motivated for the entire day. Boost your memory, energy levels and motivation with these magnificent unique snacks! Forget about other products that are packed with chemicals, go natural and take healthy to another level.  We in Mother Nature have handpicked all our manufacturers to meet our high standards so we can 100% ensure our clients get all that quality that they and their family members deserve.  Some examples of our products are soups, spices, dried fruits, nut sacks, and biscuits. Some of the products are specifically innovated and designed for children; these are, for example, the power and kidy’s pads.

Power pads

The power pads provided by Mother Nature are deliciously healthy. These pads offer children a range of different nutrients to take at school. To eat as a healthy snack or as a dessert after their lunch so they’ll stay fit and energetic throughout the entire day.

These pads are provided in six different delicious flavours such as fig & walnut, apricot & almond, apricot & hazelnut, date & cacao, date & hazelnut & cacao, and Rainbow mix. They are sold for $1.95, which is a fantastic price for these snacks. It is just fig & walnut, nothing else except for love and tastefulness, no preservatives, and no chemicals or any other harmful substances. The team behind Mother Nature designed these pads to make them taste like a lovely healthy snack perfect for every kid.

Kidy’s pads

These pads, just like the power pads, are also 100% healthy and 100% yummy for your children to take with them to school. This bag of snacks your kid can have in three different flavours: fig, date, and apricot. Even the pickiest kid will love one of these.  Easy, on the go, after the playground or as a pause between the play, or to gain the energy to go again for the whole day.  Each Doybag costs $8.95 and includes six pads.

Choose quality, choose natural. Parents want the best for their children. One of the thing that you shouldn’t be flexible about is their nutrition because it is a basis for the rest of their life. Healthy isn’t hard to get or inaccessible anymore. This is why our team highly recommends you to take a look at the Power pads and Kidy’s pads from Mother Nature that provide all the necessary nutrients and vitamins for your child. A healthy and natural alternative for your children to stay happy and energetic throughout the day.

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