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How To Create A Happier Relationship With Food

Food is something that each and every one of us need to survive and live a healthy lifestyle. But food is also something that can leave us feeling tired, sick or worse, depending on how much of it we eat. We could eat anything we want, whenever we want and then go on a diet to lose that extra weight we gained, but that isn’t very healthy and most of those fad diets don’t work anyway. 

     So what are we supposed to do when we really love the food that we eat, but we want to maintain a healthy body and life? The key to this is to create a happier relationship with food so that we are able to understand the effects food has on us and why we shouldn’t just eat whatever we want, whenever we want.

Let’s Take A Look At Some Ways That We Can Create A Happier Relationship With Food So That We Can Live Longer, Healthier Lives. 

Eat Mindfully:actually thinking about the food that we eat is a good way to ensure that we are not overeating and that we are eating healthy foodsthat are good for us. Let your brain control your eating, not your stomach.

Use Moderation: eating in moderation enables us to occasionally eat foods that are not that healthy for us, but that gives us a good feeling or make us comfortable. Eating chocolate or a piece of cake once in a while isn’t bad, eating the whole cake is. Eat everything in moderation!

Eat When You Are Physically Hungry:you can be either physically hungry, or emotionally hungry and eating when you ‘think’ you are hungry is not healthy. Eating when you are physically hungry ensures that we are only eating when our bodies need nourishment. If you find yourself feeling emotionally hungry, don’t reach for junk food, take a walk or do some housework instead.

Stop Eating When You Are Full:you are an adult now and there is no rule that you have to eat everything on your plate. Take your time and eat slowly so you brain can figure out that you are not hungry anymore and stop eating when you feel full.

Learn About Appropriate Portion Sizes:we often fill our plates from edge to edge without ever thinking that it might be too much. Healthy portion sizes are actually much smaller than we think and much healthier as well. One helpful tip to ensure we are eating the proper portion size is to use smaller plates. You can also eat half of your food when dining out at a restaurant or share a meal with your spouse. 

Throw Away Any Problematic Foods:those junk foods in your pantry, the candy that you grab a handful of as you walk by, these are problem foods that are not only bad for you, but will make you feel bad after you eat them. To create a happier relationship with food, throw these foods out and you won’t have to feel guilty every time you eat them.

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